Modular Exhibition Stands Delivered by Park Display

Modular Exhibition Stands

If you are looking to attend several events throughout the year, with a stand that can be reconfigured to suite different sizes, a modular exhibition stand is the way to go! With interchangeable graphic panels, flooring tiles and the framework all included, the stand can be bought outright ready for your team to install.

We know a new exhibition stand can be daunting, so to make life as easy as possible, we can even offer a training day to get your team to grips with the installation. With the added bonus of lightweight materials and more compact storage, it will help save time and money.

“But I already own my own modular stand” …. No problem, we also offer an install/dismantle service if required. With a huge in-house storage facility, we can even store it between shows for your piece of mind.

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Modular Exhibition Stand Examples Delivered by Park Display

What Are Modular Exhibition Stands and Why Are They Popular?

Modular exhibition stands are versatile, reconfigurable display solutions used in trade shows and exhibitions.

Unlike traditional, custom-built stands, modular stands are made from prefabricated sections that can be assembled in various configurations. This adaptability can make them a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option, as they can be reused and reconfigured for different trade shows and spaces. Their popularity stems from their flexibility, ease of transport, and the ability to refresh the stand’s design without a complete overhaul, ensuring a fresh look for each event.

Modular Exhibition Design

What Should Be Considered When Designing a Modular Exhibition Stand?

When designing a modular stand, consider the following:

  • Space and Layout: Understand the space you have and how best to utilise it. Consider the flow of traffic and how visitors will interact with your stand.
  • Brand Messaging: Ensure your design aligns with your brand identity and effectively communicates your message.
  • Functionality: Incorporate elements like storage, display areas, and meeting spaces as needed.
  • Lighting and Visual Appeal: Use lighting strategically to highlight key areas and create an inviting atmosphere.
  • Sustainability: Opt for eco-friendly materials and designs to appeal to environmentally conscious audiences.

Modular exhibition stands offer a flexible, cost-effective, and sustainable solution for businesses looking to make a lasting impression at trade shows. By understanding their benefits and considering key design elements, you can create a stand aligns perfectly with your brand’s identity

How Can Modular Stands Be Customised to Reflect Brand Identity?

Customisation is key in making your modular display stand reflect your brand’s unique identity. These stands offer a range of customisation options, from custom graphics and signage to lighting and layout. High-quality graphics can be easily swapped in and out, allowing for brand-specific messaging and visuals. Additionally, elements like interactive displays, multimedia screens, and unique lighting can be integrated to enhance the visitor experience while reinforcing brand identity.

What Are the Cost Benefits of Choosing a Modular Exhibition Stand?

Choosing a modular exhibition stand often results in significant cost savings, especially for businesses that participate in multiple trade shows. The initial investment might be similar to a custom-built stand, but the reusability factor cuts down on future expenses. Since the same stand can be reconfigured and updated for different shows, there’s no need for a new build each time, saving on both construction and material costs. Additionally, these stands are typically lighter and more compact, reducing transportation and storage costs.

How Easy is it to Transport and Assemble Modular Exhibition Stands?

Designed with mobility in mind, these modular display stands are made from lightweight, durable materials and come with cases or containers for safe and efficient transport to different events. Assembly is straightforward, often requiring no special tools or extensive labor. This ease of setup and breakdown not only saves time but also reduces the need for skilled labor at the exhibition site, further cutting down on costs.

Custom Exhibition Design

For over 45 years, Park Display have designed and built custom exhibition stands around the world…

Modular Exhibition Design

With interchangeable graphic panels, this stand can be reconfigured to suite different venues

Interior Exhibition Design

Park Display discuss and evaluate each and every design and tailor a concept to your requirements

Shell Scheme Exhibition Design

Our shell scheme upgrade packages can give you the look of a custom stand at a fraction of the price

From initial enquiry we work to your timescale to make sure everything is delivered to site on time and to your exact design and specification.

Our design team will produce a winning range of exhibition designs plus detailed quote so there are no surprises.

We can supply everything you need such as: display systems, literature stands, banners, exhibition counters, integrated display equipment and even coffee machines. Whatever you need just ask.

Operating throughout the UK, Europe, Middle East and the US we can delivery to all major trade shows and exhibitions.