4 reasons why an exhibition stand should be part of your marketing strategy

Countless exhibitions and trade shows happen in the UK each year, and there’s one for almost every type of business. Attending an exhibition with an eye-catching exhibition stand is a smart move and can accelerate your marketing strategy.

So, if you’re thinking about whether you should invest in one, then read on. This article will explain precisely why an exhibition stand should be integral to your marketing strategy. 

1. It will fast-track your connection with customers

Having a stand at a large exhibition means exposing you to hundreds, maybe even thousands of people within your target demographic. That’s not to be sniffed at if you realise that many of those people are there to buy or, at the very least, make meaningful connections. 

The power of the exhibition or trade show is in its face-to-face experience with customers, which means that they are not dealing with some faceless, impersonal entity but a representative of your business. This can be immensely valuable as we’re more likely to trust people we meet in person – and we all know that trust is essential when selling our product or service, whether strengthening the bond with existing customers or creating potential new ones. You connect directly with them and build engagement in a natural, non-intrusive way. With a show-stopping stand as your backdrop, you can engage with those who want to engage – you’re not just throwing mud at the wall to see what sticks.

2. It will help you stand out among the competition

Having a stand at any exhibition exposes you to thousands of eyeballs. But so are your competitors! It’s essential to catch those eyeballs before they slide over to your business rivals. Visitors to any exhibition only have a set amount of time and budget; you need to maximise both to your benefit by creating the right impression. And how do you do that? By having an eye-catching exhibition stand of course.  

It can seem daunting, but having competitors nearby shouldn’t put you off. Building relationships with other businesses in your industry can be mutually beneficial. You will likely differ from them in myriad ways, such as different sales approaches, product designs, etc, and of course, you’ll have your unique selling point that sets you apart, which will all appeal to different people and organisations. 

Understanding your competition will stand you in good stead when it comes to standing out. Are they loud and colourful? Then adopt muted and calming. Effectively, you’re trying to get your business noticed in a sea of other companies striving for the same customer eyeballs. You can establish your place in your industry by being memorable or providing a memorable experience.

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3. You can tick many marketing boxes in one hit

As discussed, exhibitions are full of businesses all vying for the limited attention of the crowd. The more you can do to stand out, the better your impact will be on your target audience. Promoting your brand with an exhibition stand can make great strides in generating leads or, at the very least, advancing your company image. 

Here’s how to optimise the opportunity…

  • Create a jaw-dropping exhibition stand through powerful design and messaging with our help, to ensure plenty of eyeballs are checking out your business. A simple and impactful design in a sea of noise will make you memorable. Make it original, but make it reflect your brand.
  • Become a guest speaker at exhibitions that include conferences or seminars.
  • Via social media, promote your business pre-event as a heads-up for those interested. 
  • Take advantage of the trade show publicity by sending out emails and letters to those you already know are coming.
  • Follow up on any leads to keep your business in visitors’ minds. 
  • Find out what potential customers think about your branding and get direct feedback on your product or service. 
  • Make the most of the physical space by booking in early to guarantee a spot in one of the best positions. Is there a focal point at the exhibition where you can place your stand, such as a stage, or a major player in your industry? 
  • Give visitors a memento of their visit or at least some promotional material.
  • Ensure staff members are approachable and knowledgeable.
  • Invite journalists to your stand to help spread the word about your presence and what you offer.

4. You can gather valuable customer data

Exhibitions are a great source of customer contacts and leads as long as you’re clever about capturing it. And those sales leads are more likely to be converted into sales if every eligible lead is followed up. However, even failed conversions can give you some valuable lessons for your business. 

We live in times where people are constantly hyper-stimulated and quick to move on to the next item of interest so if you don’t follow on a lead quickly, it can go cold. A simple thank you message to individuals while offering further assistance is the very least you can do with the information gathered. Remind them what your product or service can do for them and how it can improve their lives. When engaging at an exhibition remember to note specific things the customer is looking for, allowing for later communications to be tailored specifically to their needs.

Having a stand at an exhibition can tick many of your marketing strategy boxes as long as it is well-planned, well-executed and with specific goals in mind. With an exhibition stand, your business is utilising the age-old authentic marketing experience of face-to-face marketing of your product or service, and combining it with modern-day data-led marketing and follow-up strategies to cover all bases. 

When customers attend an exhibition, they expect to be sold to but they have lots of trade stands competing for their attention. They will choose the one that stands out to them (for good reasons). Make sure you’re the one that stands out in their minds, and they’ll remember you long after the event. 

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